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Dear Ego

(this prayer is inspired by Matt Kahn)

I know there are things you want. I know you have opinions and beliefs. I know you want to be in charge. I know you always have safety in mind. I know you remember everything that has happened. I know you feel hurt and pain and never want to feel those emotions again. I know you believe what is right and wrong. I know you want your way.

I appreciate your help in taking care of me and everything I want in life. I am grateful for your alertness and the wisdom you have gleaned from every experience. I know you feel frustrated at times when I don’t cooperate with your wishes. I know you are scared. I am grateful for your strength and perseverance. I am grateful for your will.

Let me introduce myself. I am the spirit that inhabits the same vessel with you. I am a partner that uses imagination to dream beyond the walls of safety. I am connected with Soul, the great I Am, the silent partner in this human life that is the forever engine. The great I am is the keeper of the blueprint. Your job in this vessel has helped navigate us through human time. You are outstanding in your accomplishments and your courage is admired.

Times are changing. Evolution is happening and integration is called for. Changes feel threatening. That is what is expected. As ego, you have built your walls on conditioned existence. A great change is taking place that requires full management of your skills. It is time to integrate your mastery. Integration allows us to go beyond the limiting walls of an old paradigm and discover so much more. Integration means giving up control. Integration is cooperation. Together there is so much more to see and it requires you to let go and soar beyond your fear.

It feels like death. It smells like the end. It is neither. It is a “cosmic reset” of all aspects of your nature and it is at hand. Integration is predestined and can’t be controlled. There is no turning back or hunkering down to ignore the inevitable. It is in the blueprint and it is at hand.

This evolution is happening across the globe. All humans are transforming through this evolutionary process. These changes vary depending on human will, levels of fear, and forces of resistance. The atmosphere of humanity is breathing a new air.

As the breaking down of an old paradigm continues, I will not abandon you. The theories of cause and effect do not apply. Reward and punishment are part of the old paradigm. Integration does not make sense to the human mind grasping for logic and reason. As spirit, I see beyond these limiting walls and I ask you stay steadfast and present as we maneuver through the chaos and fear together. We hold wisdom in our being. We are in this together.

Life will be different, better on every level than you can ever imagine. It requires you letting go of control first. How else will you ever know the truth?

Allow this prayer to ease your grip on life. Allow this prayer to blend with your beliefs and take up space in your locked walls. Allow this prayer to soften your rules.

My love holds you. I honor you. I appreciate you. Thank you for joining me on this journey. Thank you for letting go. One step at a time. One day at a time. One breath at a time.

Find your inner wisdom voice– There lies your personal truth. Listen past your fears– They drown out what is true for you. Look beyond your anger– Which often is buried under your fear. Set aside your desires and wants, and

listen to what your inner wisdom voice says about what you need to become whole and heal.

Participants’ Reflections:

  • Thank you. My favorite line was ‘may love soften your rules.’ Especially after the other day when we talked about rules (see Jan 13 blog). You had a lot of rules growing up and so did I in my family. I tend to be a rule-follower because that’s how I grew up. That’s my tendency, even so far as hesitate to cross the street when the light hasn’t changed even if no one is coming. It’s a habit. Softening them is probably a good idea and I like thinking that love can do that. Love also helps us with scars. We do have wounds but they become scars. I heal and I become whole and I integrate everything I’ve learned from that wounding. One’s ego isn’t as prominent anymore when one has integrated. I love how it is all coming together, it’s all integrating, everything we say every morning, that we live every day. I’m so grateful to be part of this group and in this process together with other people interested in being in this process.

  • Thank you. What a beautiful reading. I’m going to read it and reread it. I love the ability to let go of the concept of right and wrong, and that ego is a bad thing. It has a place and a purpose, just as we as human beings can’t possibly transcend our bodies. We are part of our bodies. Our spirits are housed in these bodies in this reincarnation. We can’t just completely let go of our bodies or our ego. The challenge for me is to keep it in its rightful size and place and usefulness. It’s like, if the only tool I have is a hammer, I’m going to try to do everything with that hammer. That’s what I did with my ego. The more I open myself up to learn, I learn that there are saws and screwdrivers and crayons and glue and other things to utilize and to express the love I am. It’s not even I want to seek love. We are love. There’s so much in the reading. I am so grateful to be part of this journey with all of you. The contributions of your writings and everyone’s reflections make such a difference in my life. Thank you so much.

  • Thank you. The piece that spoke to me was around the evolutionary shift. I had an experience this morning where I listened to John Lennon’s Working Class Hero song. It was like hearing it for the first time and listening to the words all the way through. For me, it was talking about what happened on the Hill. There’s even a line at the end about talking about the Hill. I realized, as things shift, meanings shift. It feels like part of a shift to see the same thing in a different way, or hear the same thing in a different way. It was true then and it is true now, but I’m seeing it with a different lens. That’s a little moment in time that shifted for me. Thank you.

  • The part that stuck me was also about the evolutionary shift. When I sat with that, I felt the truth inside my being and that I am not on this journey alone; there are many of us. I had this vision of waking up and people standing up and the hope and love that is happening worldwide. I’m really trying to get my mind and heart and ego and essence to comprehend what that means. I want to say ‘or could mean’, as if it’s not happening. I want to shift that thought to one of trust that it is happening. Where am I in that piece? What is my part? In recovery work, I’ve looked at value and how I hold my value. This feels like this is integrating another piece for me bringing my energy to that shift to help move the shift, to find people who are shifting who have that same vibration, to keep it expanding. Thank you for that.

  • Thank you for that. It was an incredibly powerful reading. I was struck by the line about letting go of control. Last night, we started watching the series of made-for-TV movies The Good Witch. The first ones where she first comes to the town. I was floored by the writing. She empowers people. She doesn’t try to control things or try to make things happen. She just empowers people and they make things happen around her, to the point she had to move out of her house with the faith that she has empowered the people around her enough in order to have them save her house for her. She didn’t try to control it, she just empowered others. I just love this idea. What does it really mean to truly have faith to empower people around you to do things? That’s the ultimate letting go of control. Help empower us to be strong and live in serenity in our lives. Thank you for the awareness today.

  • What resonated with me were the lines in the poem “listen past your fears and look beyond your anger.” I think these are important things to think about now especially as a nation, we are trying to move through and beyond where we are right now. It’s important to do in our own personal lives. But I think in our national life, those ideas resonate and are promising, but not easy. But promising.

  • Last evening, I attended a death café. I didn’t know what to expect because I’ve never been part of one of those discussions. In the breakout session, at first we sat in silence. I didn’t know what to say or how to begin. The three experienced people were so loving and quiet and so gentle. I was thinking one way we empower people is looking at them with understanding and telling them that everything they are feeling is okay. One person started crying. The silence and the understanding were so palpable. In the time we were in that session, we felt connected and close. We empower people sometimes just with our body language, with our speech and our silence and our willingness even across the airwaves.

  • I’ve been doing the Barbara Brennan Energy Workshop. It’s an incredible feeling with this connection with people all over the world. We went into two breakout rooms and we sent an energy of emotion to the other room. I clearly picked up the energy. What amazed me was that we were all over the world and we were able to communicate this. We could send out joy all over the world. Tomorrow, Barbara Brennan is having a worldwide meditation, if anyone wants to participate and send out love. Imagine the possibilities!

  • The brain can’t comprehend it. The ego needs to let go a little bit, to allow this in.

  • It’s raining where I am and I love the sound of the rain. I can hear different tones. The rain is steady. There is a wooden railing outside and a steady drip. I was thinking of drips, the different sounds, small changes within ourselves, bigger changes with humanity and consciousness. We are individuals and even if we make a small change, it can be a good thing and can lead to bigger changes.

  • Thank you for that. Each week, I listen to you talk about what you see outside your window and what you hear. You remind me to be present. I appreciate this.

  • There’s such presence in all of us, whether we feel present or not. The fact that we are spending time on ourselves here, whether you have a monkey mind and it’s all over the place, it doesn’t matter. You are taking time for you and that goes a long way within ourselves. I thank each of you for your presence. I thank you for listening to my words. I thank you for allowing your heart to be vulnerable as you share your space, your time, your words. It’s all powerful. I hope you all have a gentle day listening to nature however it finds you.

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