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How do we find patience with our humanness especially during this COVID crisis?

by Spirit

Let us talk in the sense of energy for a moment.  On the one hand, a runaway train is out of control, speeding along reacting to outside forces. The mind without awareness is like a runaway train reacting to erratic thoughts, emotions and fears. The mind tries to maintain control but the influence of the outside world compels it to struggle more, judge more, want more, never finding satisfaction. 


When we are connected with our heart, we are aligned with a sense of calm connectedness. We feel this deep connection with nature, with loved ones, and with things that feel near and dear to us, fresh air, a new baby. Inspiration connects us to our heart. This connection is truth. 


The runaway train is frenetic, demands our attention with our minds trying to keep up. The runaway train metaphor creates a situation that is never enough, hyper-critical and hard to keep up with. It makes more noise and grabs more attention. Sometimes frenzy comes in bright shiny packages of stuff.


Connection with the heart is harder to grasp because it’s not loud and demanding and forceful and screaming for attention.  It is subtle, patient, respectful, loving and gentle. It’s much easier to pay attention to the loud, very noisy, very fast, very demanding energy of a runaway train. 


Humans have a lot of practice with the runaway train metaphor. It's easier to put out the immediate fire, to oil the squeaky wheel, get the job done and move on.


The practice of focusing on the heart feels like work at first. The mind looks for instant access to achieve the goal and move on. Dwelling in the heart requires a refocusing of intention using inspiration, experiencing the resilience of the human spirit, the innocence of new life, along with respect, dignity, compassion and love.  


If we practice paying attention to the soft, subtle compassion of the heart, the gate opens.  The more the gate opens, the easier we can connect with the heart and be more present to the distractions of the world. Who you believe you are does not change. You can still function in your tasks and responsibilities, ease the stress you feel in life, find calmness, centeredness and a sense of wholeness. 

The first step is believing you deserve to be loved by you. When you believe you deserve to be loved, you will find more love in your world. The world values love but hate and anger get more attention. Where do you choose to put your attention? When anyone is asked within this human world, what is the most important thing in their life, it is love.  The essence of truth and honesty of love, but it’s so easy to be distracted. 


So we encourage you to think about this gateway. We encourage you to understand that a distraction is a distraction. You have an inherent right to treat yourself with dignity and respect no matter what happened in your life. You deserve to nurture yourself gently and lovingly and create a world within that becomes your safe haven. You make the choices for your behavior, for your beliefs and for your actions all in the name of love. 


The ascension process we are all experiencing is at a very fast pace and has been ramping up for a long time.  This change is happening to every human on this earth. There is no doubt. And for those who are not paying attention to the deep calling of their heart, the internal screaming becomes louder, the world becomes more out of control and their experience becomes heart-wrenching.


As we settle into a deeper heart connection, we feel at a deeper level.  Practice silence and befriend yourself. Practice deep respect for yourself and this respect will spill over onto others. Practice patience with yourself and you will find more patience in the world. Practice gentleness with yourself and you will find gentleness around you.  When you fumble and fall down, raise yourself up and praise yourself for your resilience for surviving. Every failure holds knowledge to go forth. You support yourself and you will find more support in your world. Be the nurturing parent you never had. Be the friend you've always wanted. Be the peace you seek. And know the truth resides in your heart.

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