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Description of Services

Healing Session

Reiki energy and sound healing are forms of vibrational healing. It's like taking a bath in love. Shirley channels a Divine energy, virtual or in person, assisting the body in its natural healing process.  If there are specific physical ailments, focus can be given to them, but the intelligence of this Divine energy goes where it is most needed for your highest and best good. Reiki and sound healing offer an increased sense of comfort, warmth and easing of pain. 

Soul Readings

Sit with me as I open the door to Spirit and listen to those on the other side. Only good arises in this session as loved ones give unique evidence that they are truly at your side. Receive inspiration from your guides and light beings. Allow yourself to feel that you do not walk alone in this world. Support and guidance are there for the asking. Learn how to ask and how to listen. An hour of mediumship is always an eye-opening experience. We are living this life very close to spirit. All they want to do is help with a life full of challenges. Life is a classroom to learn from.

Intuitive Mentoring

Whether exploring issues related to parenting, chronic illness, loss and grief, or spiritual exploration, people come to me when they are needing direction, searching for deeper meaning in their lives or experiencing a personal crisis. I’m trained as a deep listener so I am able to listen to all levels of your being. With my life’s experiences and skills as a healing medium, I offer compassionate guidance. 


“Shirley Riga is by far and wide one of the most magical humans I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Just remarkable and I am so pleased she was paired with my lovely client for her time on hospice.” Hospice RN

“Shirley is willing to take on tremendous risks and make a commitment to help a total stranger. She is very motivated and totally unselfish, always going above and beyond to help other women.” Sandra


“You continue to set a bar in my heart higher as I am challenged to really take in and reflect on what you are offering. There’s a resonance that occurs.”  Louise

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