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Life breaks us open and finding guidance in times of crisis can be life-saving. A psychic medium for 40 years, Shirley is a trained trance healer, Usui Reiki Master, Holistic Practitioner, Sound Healer, and Certified Spiritual Director. She can help you connect to your Higher Self so that you experience your truth within instead of the cacophony of daily life and the world around you. With her deep compassion and acute awareness, Shirley connects to the unseen world and offers healings, readings and mentoring to those seeking guidance, clarity and physical healing.


Shirley offers:

  • Energy healing

  • Intuitive readings

  • Help with loss and grief

  • Mentoring/Coaching



Service Name

Drawing on her training and life experiences, Shirley authored Tools for the Exceptional Parent of a Chronically-Ill Child, a self-help book offering helpful daily advice to caregivers, and Tools for the Caregiver: A Workbook for Finding Yourself Through Caregiving, a workbook to help manage your caregiving journey. 

This book is a guide for parents of children living with serious illness not only addressing medical challenges, but also offering pathways for the protection of the “person” who is suffering.  I was deeply affected by this book, and you will be as well."-Richard J. Grand, MD, Attending Physician, Gastroenterology and Nutrition, Boston Children’s Hospital

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