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Tuning Forks

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

By Thea Iberall

I spoke the other day about communicating with a disembodied channeled spirit Wan Lo Sensei. Besides seeing right through me, he directed his energy at me and buckled my knees. The open-minded side of me who faces the world with curiosity had no problem with what occurred that day. The trained Western scientist side of me questions the whole scenario. I was taught that the only things that are real are those that can be measured and proved by tools and instruments. And I was taught to use my five senses for hearing, seeing, touching, tasting, and smelling. Nowhere in my western education was I taught to sense energy or talk with dead people. During my graduate studies into the human brain, we were asked to consider what could be out there that we don't see. After a few months of study, I realized there was a lot. After all, dogs can hear what we cannot, and cats and bats can see what we cannot. Dogs can sense when we are having seizures and when our body chemistry changes. And animals sense tsunamis, earthquakes, and other weather events long before we do, through vibration and energy. We also experience the world through a cultural bias. We teach children skills we value like reading and arithmetic, and we teach them facts about what we believe is acceptable to know. We teach them to forget imaginary friends. And yet, for hundreds of thousands of years, no one knew anything about things we now take for granted, like electricity. There were isolated curiosities like shocks from electric fish which ancient Egyptians called the “protectors” of all other fish. Static electricity was used in parlor tricks until electricity was harnessed and used to turn on lights and run motors at the end of the 19th century. It takes an open mind to accept the as-of-yet unproven, a mind not hardened into categorical thinking. There may be no separation between our world and the world of energy and spirits. We are living in the time before an instrument has been created to prove its existence. We rely on psychic mediums who for some reason have developed a skill that’s been educated out of most of us. I used to live with an anxiety-ridden artist and I could always tell when she was reading a book. I didn’t need my five senses to know it. I could just feel the whole house settling down into peace. How I did that, I have no idea. How to describe it, I have no vocabulary. My mother grew up in Manhattan. She died in 2016, but she remembered growing up without refrigeration or indoor plumbing, with gas lamps lighting up the streets, and her father shoveling coal for heat. She remembered the first cars coming to New York and she remembered all the horse stables. She lived in a time before electricity was ubiquitous, without penicillin, EEGs, pacemakers, MRIs, CT scans. There were no phones or artificial limbs or dialysis. She lived in a time when no one knew all these things were possible. She died in the 21st century owning a cell phone and a computer. I asked our group’s resident electric engineer her thoughts on personal energy. She told me that Stephen Jenkinson always emphasized etymology. Resonance comes from Latin resonare meaning “return to sound.”

And she told me this:

“My Dad was a musician and I used to play with his tuning fork as a child, putting it in water to watch the ripples. Given the right circumstances, you can even create sympathetic resonance between two tuning forks, where one will cause the other to vibrate. Think of the impact we have on the world when we resonate in LOVE! I view prayer as Vibration along with meditation. Through awareness and experience, we learn that choices and energy (people, places, things!) can either lower or raise our Vibration. We are living proof the more we raise our Vibration, the stronger it is, and the more we impact and attract through the resonating of energy. We are, in essence, human tuning forks!”

There is more to the world than Western science knows. I as a tuning fork could sense the energy of my friend. Wan Lo Sensei as a tuning fork could read me and make my knees buckle. And Shirley as a tuning fork is a barometer feeling emotions and connecting to the world of spirits. It’s a leap to think beyond and accept the unknown and unproven. To cross boundaries, it takes willingness. It takes having an open mind.

Remember when you go into the world to keep your eyes and ears wide open. And be kind. Love one another. Take care of each other. Tell the truth. Always do your best. Listen to the big people and the little people. Explore new paths and have fun. Know that you are loved like crazy. Give thanks for all your blessings. Above all else, Love and you will do wonderful things in this world.

Participants’ Reflections

  • I visualized these characters that look like Power Rangers or Superman. They have these body suits on and were able to detect energy in people. They could go directly to the energy and to send it to fight off the energy center of the person. I think that came up because when I went into the meditation, I was thinking about spiritual guidance. When I’m with someone and they say something, I can feel the energy in what they say that is important for us to follow up on. I can also feel energy flowing through me when it’s time for me to say something. That energy comes through me and the words come out and I’m not sure what is going to come out. It’s a mystery. Science can’t explain that. It’s pretty amazing.

  • I am the child of two scientists and I’m not sure they had any spirituality in them. There are things that, given our current level of instrumentation, we can’t quantify. But maybe there are some things that are not meant to ever be proved and they just are. And we have to take them on faith.

  • The whole time you were speaking about energy and resonance and how we are human tuning forks, I was thinking that’s what I am trying to do now, is to tune my fork. I’ve been reading the dream book by Jeremy Taylor, and he has many examples of us being in tune with the greater greatness in our dreams. Albert Einstein said he had a dream when he was 12 years old that led to his theory of relativity and his whole career. And the man who invented the sewing machine, he had the aha in a dream. There are ways to open up the curtain, to open up the portal. I think we are learning as a species to go beyond this physical body and find other ways to communicate.

  • That reminds me of Betty Edwards 2nd book Drawing on the Artist Within. She has a great picture of how our left logical hemisphere communicates with our right hemisphere where ideas come from.

  • Thank you so much. I resonated with you especially about the tuning fork resonance. Yesterday, I was volunteering at a welcoming meditation center. This very cheerful young woman showed up and spent a few hours with us. Resonance happened between us. She asked to spend more time with me. I felt that she was a teacher to me. Her openness to things you cannot measure, her validation that they are real. She had lots of vibrancy. You spoke of the tuning fork, how one could make another resonate. That is a relationship between equals, there isn’t a dominant and non-dominant. It’s the interrelatedness of all of us and all creation that starts to hum at that higher vibration.

  • Thomas Alva Edison would fall asleep in his rocking chair with a heavy ball in each hand and a question in his mind. As his hand relaxed, the ball would fall and the sound would wake him up in a reverie state. He would wake up with the answers. Judith Orloff calls that early morning state the hypnagogic state which provides a doorway to your dream state where ideas are resonating.

  • Today’s theme of tuning forks setting off ripples reminds me of yesterday’s meditation about ripples in the water. So we are continuing to ripple.

  • Connecting today’s theme to the last two days is synchronicity.

  • Thank you. I love your readings. If at some point, all of what we are talking about is measured and harnessed, I hope it doesn’t get spoiled. When I think of nature and animals, so many things are ruined when humans get their hands on it. Things aren’t like they used to be and are done for profit. I know this is negative. Hopefully, if it’s measured, we as a species will have evolved more.

  • It’s true, technology can be used for good and bad. The secret is to detach from the value judgment and to just accept.

  • When my dog barks in a certain pitch, it resonate in my crystal bowl and it will start to ring!

  • Read about the hive mind where people function together as a single mind.

  • I actually keep a tuning fork in my car. My mother wasn’t an easy person to get along with. I had read about tuning forks and bought one. On the way driving to my mother’s house, I would bang it on my dashboard and put it on top of my head and let the vibration come through. During the last part of the drive, I’d put it on my heart. I think it really helped change the energy. Within ten minutes of being with her, I felt my higher energy vibration was changing hers. The higher frequency was taking over the whole experience. It’s a reminder to me to go find my tuning fork and use it in other situations.

  • I have a lot to learn about this topic and I like that. I had a difficult time with my father and I started to put my hand on my heart when I was with him to focus on my heart. I would listen to him through my heart instead of with my ears. I feel like that changed everything and it raised my energy. I think I’m going to buy a tuning fork.

  • Thank you so much for joining us today. Think about your energy and vibrating at a higher level. We are all learning from each other. I hope you all have a blessed and gentle day today. Thank you.

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