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Being Human in the Divine

The two worlds are growing closer. It’s in the energy we breathe. The great merging of the egoic mind and the Divine.

For over 350 days, I have blended with Divine energy.

For the last three days, I focused on being human.

I had to step back and discover again, the doorway between both worlds.

I’m all in, fully committed with the Divine.

The air is changing with Earth’s ascension.

I lost track of the doorway and couldn’t feel

the boundaries between both worlds.

I’m a spiritual being in a human body.

My human body functions as a bridge between

both human and spirit.

I honor both.

I live in balance.

I have human commitments.

I can’t be fully committed if I am half present.

I live in balance.

I have spiritual commitments.

I can’t be fully committed

if I am half present.

My practice discerning the doorway has helped me define my balance.

Life is about balance. Life is about honoring my truth. Life is about alignment with my truth in my Higher Power.

Remember every day to follow your own rhythm,

Be honest with yourself about that which you keep hidden.

Express your innate beauty in the way it feels most natural,

For it is your true beauty that is truly admirable.

Live a life that aligns with your true beliefs,

Not one that pleases the elites.

Don’t conform just to conform,

Do things because you choose to; from that you will transform.

Choice is a gift that we were all given,

Embrace that gift and you can live your vision.

Find the worth that already exists within you,

For no external gain will ever give that to you.

You have deep within a special flow,

Follow that flow and you will glow.

Find your true nature by listening to your heart,

Live a life true to yourself and become living art.

Participants’ Reflections:

  • Bridge—add that to our ever-growing list of metaphors from the physical world to the spiritual!!!

  • Thank you so much for this. I value getting to know you and your experiences, and the invitations to where it takes me. During the meditation, I reflected on me and my choices. I brainstormed three questions: what are things I truly choose? What am I holding loosely? And what do I strive towards? That ended up with a desire for a balanced flow of giving and receiving. Your focus invites me to explore more between the physical me and the divinity in me. Thank you.

  • Thank you. I latched onto the word balance. It’s important to me to work at living a balanced life. There are many things I want to accomplish and do. Sometimes, I have worn myself out because I am unbalanced. I’ve been trying to be more aware, and resting more, reading and relaxing. I accept the fact that I am balancing and I don’t beat myself up. I’ve been enjoying it. Thank you for this reminder of staying balanced.

  • It occurred to me that I used to use food to find balance, not realizing what I was doing. It didn’t work in the long run. We are all looking for balance.

  • Thank you. What spoke to me was the last line about our being is a work of art. What came to me during the meditation was that I think about that when I cut my hair or dress or wear earrings, there’s an artistic expression in how I present myself. There was a wonderful opening to think about my spiritual self, my physical self, and it’s all a work of art. It feels like there’s a lot there. Thank you for that image and idea.

  • I think it’s a matter of, by reflecting and being aware, choosing how we create ourselves continuously. What we keep of the old, what we explore in the new, what we could be thinking of but aren’t yet there. It’s an ongoing, open process but reflective.

  • Often, when I am writing, I take what I am writing and hold it up to the life I had when my daughter was alive. How would I relate to what I wrote and to what I was feeling then? It’s not true to me unless I can be in the space that way and this way, because that was the life I was living. Even though I was in the story of the ongoing struggle I was in with her, I still had my identity and I still searched for the balance because it helped me deal with my life. To me, that’s the alignment of truth no matter what is happening, because we always have ourselves to come back to no matter what story is going on in our lives. And that helps me know that I am in touch with a truth that goes across my timeline.

  • Thank you for joining me today. Thank you for listening to my words and thoughts. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and words and presence. We are in this together on our bridges, in our gateways, in our incubator, in this community. Thank you for being part of it. I hope you all have a gentle day and find something enjoyable to do for your heart.

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