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Our Pets

These wonderful energy beings need help too.


Healing and Communication for your beloved pet

Using energy healing, the intelligence of healing energy goes where it is most needed for its highest and best good. Animals usually fall asleep in deep relaxation.

Easily done virtually, long distance healing is very effective, can add comfort and ease to your pet's energy body.  It's much more effective if you have a heart connection with your pet.


A 30-minute energy healing session is ideal for pets


"Callie, my red toy poodle was 17 years old and struggling. I sat quietly with her and asked if she was in terrible pain and uncomfortable. She said she was not in pain. I asked her if she's ready to leave her body and she said no, she wanted to stay. It helped me know it wasn't time yet for her to leave. It comforted me, and I comforted her without my incessant worrying."

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