We offer a variety of healing services, all focused on you finding guidance for your life. At this time with the pandemic, all services are offered by Zoom. 

Reiki Healing

Energy healing is like taking a bath in love. A divine energy is channeled through the medium, can be virtual or in person. If there are specific physical ailments, focus can be given to them, but the intelligence of healing energy goes where it is most needed for its highest and best good. Often people feel a sense of warmth and comfort and is very relaxing.

Psychic Reading

Life’s challenges often push us to a point where we seek more meaningful answers to why things happen as they do. Loss breaks us open often accompanied by spiritual crises that cause us to look deeper within. A psychic reading is very helpful in these times, to widen our ability to understand and learn, revealing deeper answers to our heartfelt questions.

Private Mentoring

Whether exploring issues related to parenting, chronic illness, loss and grief, or spiritual exploration, people come to me when they are needing direction, searching for deeper meaning in their lives or experiencing a personal crisis. I’m trained as a deep listener so I am able to listen to all levels of your being. With my life’s experiences and skills as a healing medium, I offer compassionate guidance.

Mediumship Reading

As you sit with the medium, you have an opportunity to communicate through the veil into the unseen world, whether it is to hear relayed messages from loved ones, or guidance from angels, guides, masters or teachers. Often a reading helps with grief and sorrow allowing one to find comfort during major life changes.

Pet Healing

These wonderful energy beings need help too. Using energy healing as described above, virtual or in person, the intelligence of healing energy goes where it is most needed for its highest and best good. Animals usually fall asleep in deep relaxation.


“Shirley is willing to take on tremendous risks and make a commitment to help a total stranger. She is very motivated and totally unselfish, always going above and beyond to help other women.” Sandra


“You continue to set a bar in my heart higher as I am challenged to really take in and reflect on what you are offering. There’s a resonance that occurs.”  Louise