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Feel the Fear - Corporate Training

Empower your people with results-driven training

Whether your company is facing industry pressures, internal changes, declining performance, poor communication, leadership issues, low employee morale, or outside competition, our training is designed to help you meet these challenges and become more effective.

The Feel the Fear Training System can improve efficiency and team morale in your organization. Empower your people with results-driven training which is based on the landmark change management work of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® by Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. The book is consistently rated as one of the top ten books for business decision-making.

By directly addressing the core underlying causes of issues at work, our training allows employees to become both more productive and more fulfilled. The material challenges traditional fear-based approaches in the workplace and replaces this with a 21st century culture of openness, collaboration, meaning and positivity. It allows employees to be proactive, committed, and caring about colleagues and the community. Self-discovery, self-awareness and being respectful with each other equals increased morale, enthusiasm and commitment. Feel the Fear Training helps to eliminate the “What’s in it for me?” culture, replacing these attitudes with a collaborative and supportive model. When everyone is behaving from a position of courage and reduced fear, then productivity and efficiency take over.

In working with corporate clients, I use a three-part customized approach that is simple to integrate into any organization’s overall training strategy. 1) Evaluate the issues and challenges that my training will address to ensure desired results; 2) Design and delivery involving learning through group interaction facilitated by instructor-led training; and 3) Assessment through customized follow-up sessions and evaluating return on investment for the client. Testimonials regarding this training constantly stress how the system works and delivers business benefits in that it gives employees the skills they need to deal with the challenges they are facing.

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